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Page history last edited by suifaijohnmak 14 years, 11 months ago


Welcome to our Research Project PbWorks!


Project title: Blogs and Moodle Forum as Tools for Learning and Communication



This is a repository of the Research Project on Blogs and Moodle Forum as tools for Learning and Communication.


Our research team consists of


Jenny Mackness, Sui Fai John Mak, Roy Williams and Matthias Melcher (who left the team in early April 09 for personal reasons).


We would like to acknowledge Matthias for his great contribution throughout the planning stage of this research project.


Why are we opening this wiki to you now?


At the start of the research project in Feb 2009, we considered opening this wiki to any CCK08 ex-learners/participants.  After some discussion amongst us, we realised the challenges in communication and collaborations in the initial stage of team formation.  We also realised that we need to maintain our integrity and comply with research ethics throughout the research project.  We have therefore decided to keep this wiki private until we have conducted our survey.  This will ensure that our research could be conducted in a professional and ethical manner, and that the research questions are only disclosed to people who are involved in the CCK08 course.  This could further minimise biasing and errors in the research.


As we have finished the first stage of our survey (which will be closed on 30 April 09), we have decided to open up this wiki to those CCK08 participants and facilitators/instructors who have responded to our survey for viewing and comments. 




(1) You have been registered with this wiki and are granted the status of a reader.  You can view all files and pages contained in this wiki.  You will not be able to edit the pages but can add comments on the wiki.   You are welcome to contact us by leaving comments.  Please note that SPAMS will be deleted.


(2) We have removed certain documents - Interview Trends, Linked Hypothesis, Further Survey Tasks and details of CCK08 participants from this wiki.  Part of the reasons were to maintain confidentiality of the details of our fellow CCK08 learners. 


(3) Everything we have written on this wiki has been written in good faith as part of our research. 


(4) We have continued our research on this project in another private wiki mainly because of the need to maintain confidentiality of the data we have collected, and to focus on the analysis of data with minimum bias.  Please note that we would be sharing our findings with the community when we have completed our further survey and analysis of the findings.  This will take some time and we would keep you informed on the progress of our analysis and the writing of reports.


(5) As we haven't published any part of the research yet, please do not use any part of the research work - documents, files, comments as contained in this wiki without our authorization.  You are reminded not to copy any of our research work for proposal, publication, submission of any assessment or project work, or part of a thesis or dissertation, as this would be classified as plagiarism by your institutions. 


We have adopted the Creative Common Licence on all folders, files and documents on this wiki.  Please refer to the Creative Common Licence Page for details.   


(6) We trust that you would comply with the above request.


Thank you very much for your cooperation.  We hope you would enjoy reading our research wiki.  You are welcome to share your learning with us.



Jenny Mackness, Sui Fai John Mak and Roy Williams


4 May 2009


Creative Commons Licence:


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported

You are free:

Under the following conditions:

  • AttributionYou must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).


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  • NoncommercialYou may not use this work for commercial purposes.

  • No Derivative WorksYou may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

With the understanding that:

  • Waiver — Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
  • Other Rights — In no way are any of the following rights affected by the license:
    • Your fair dealing or fair use rights;
    • The author's moral rights;
    • Rights other persons may have either in the work itself or in how the work is used, such as publicity or privacy rights.
  • Notice — For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.
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This is a real wiki!  Please edit this page, create new pages, and invite others to use the wiki.

Free help:

1. Learn how to use PBwiki: The PBwiki Manual

2. If you prefer video, watch a recording of our popular webinar, PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.

3. Need more help? Sign up for a Free introductory webinar

When editing this wiki, we have agreed that Jenny will identify herself by typing in blue font, Matthias by typing in brown font, and John by highlighting his text in yellow. Roy - would you like to choose a different colour to identify yourself. 



Comments (26)

dustcube said

at 2:44 am on Mar 4, 2009

Hi, pink for me. But where is the text colour tab? Help!

suifaijohnmak said

at 9:14 am on Mar 4, 2009

Hi Roy,
Textcolor is here textcolor.jpg, available only in the EDIT of Activities. In comments, there is none, because they are forums-like.
When you click the recent activities, you could edit the files and leave your name/date. Please save any edits that you want.
Let me know if that is OK.

suifaijohnmak said

at 3:09 pm on Mar 8, 2009

Hi Jenny, Matthias and Roy,
I have found this Report on http://jcmc.indiana.edu/vol10/issue3/viegas.html As I think it is an important article, so I have included it here.
It fully covers the research, methodologies, findings and the survey questionnaire (Appendix A)
Would this help in our formulation and review of our questionnaire?

You will find many hundreds of articles available here: Dan's Blog Resources (already included in the main reference)

It seems that we have already got enough references for us. My intention is to conduct a thorough research and report and share them amongst us, so as to make our own research much easier. So, I hope you won't be overwhelmed with such huge amount of resources.

May I suggest that to review some of the master lists and include those relevant one in our Reference/Bibliography?

I noted that there was one discussion post on the Moodle Forum (under General Forum) of CCK08, and I will report on it later.
John 8/3/2009 3:10pm

x28de said

at 9:46 am on Mar 11, 2009

John, of course you are correct that the language needs to polished, and I regret I did not repeat the disclaimer from my questions 17-25 to the new ones.
I can only contribute with VAGUE ideas about what needs to be teased out from the respondent's preferences that they probably cannot even verbalize themselves. And I realize once more how poor my understanding of the nuances of English is, for instance (exempla gratia??) I left out the "humble" from IMHO because I have definitely seen this way many times before I used it, but probably I saw it only from similar foreigners as I am who are increasingly spoiling you language! (But if it's a small consolation, our own language is also being spoiled by translations of non-professionals or machines.)
Similarly, I have no idea how rare the usage of "enumerate" or Jenny's "sparring" is. The latter is used over here in ordinary language as a foreign word in sports, and the former is, like many Romance-rooted words, much easier to understand for me than simple Germanic words like "tap" or "gut" since I learned Latin for 7 years, and I had to learn most of English only after my 7 years of fruitless (formal) English learning was over.
So pleae do tear apart all my verbal suggestions and rephrase them as you like, and I will trust you that they still express the same extension of meaning that we want to tease out.

x28de said

at 9:49 am on Mar 11, 2009

Sorry this comment was meant for "Part 4: questionnaire".

Jenny Mackness said

at 7:54 pm on Mar 11, 2009

Hi Matthias - Just to say that it wasn't Jenny's 'sparring' - just something I picked up from a forum post somewhere - all those ideas are based on what people were saying in the forums or on blogs. So everything here is a mish-mash of English! and don't forget we had loads of Americans on the course - so another whole approach to English! And also to say that I think your English is excellent so keep all the ideas coming!

suifaijohnmak said

at 8:43 pm on Mar 11, 2009

Jenny and Matthias,
Both of your English is excellent. I learnt English as a "foreign" Language when I was young (not my Mother tongue), so please accept my sincere acknowledgement. And s Jenny has mentioned, let's keep our ideas coming! Brainstorming is best when we don't mind about the structure and quality of questions or discussion. It's the creative and innovative ideas that count!
And Roy, may be I wasn't used to the technical terms of ANT, still a lot of catch up required.
What a great team we are! :-) Just enjoying!
Million thanks.

dustcube said

at 9:01 pm on Mar 11, 2009

John, your English is fine. My English is Ok, but I do tend to use too much theoretical jargon at times, I know. So if I am using terms that are not familiar, please let me know - its something I still have to work on.

suifaijohnmak said

at 9:25 pm on Mar 11, 2009

Thanks for that, I hope my English is OK too!
We are the humble four. I still have a lot to learn from you, Jenny and Matthias.
Am I the youngest? I hope so...and the least experienced!

x28de said

at 9:06 am on Mar 13, 2009

I was utilizing the silent waiting period to do some wiki-"gardening": Ordering the folders & pages in the sidebar navigation, roughly by last change. Because older items are starting to disappear from the "Recent Activity list, and the "All Pages" list is no longer quick, either.

Jenny Mackness said

at 6:56 pm on Mar 14, 2009

Hi everyone - thanks for the wiki gardening Matthias. It's really helpful. Thanks also for all your work on a literature search John, which hopefully I will be able to catch up with.
I have to admit to feeling as though I've lost the plot a bit. I'm not sure what I am supposed to be doing. Are we waiting for Roy to come up with a questionnaire? Have I understood this correctly?
I'm keeping an eye on the wiki every day, but I'm not sure what I can contribute at the moment. If there is something you think I should be doing- please say.

suifaijohnmak said

at 9:11 pm on Mar 14, 2009

Hi Jenny, Matthias and Roy,
I suppose we have already got most of the work done - the questionnaire, and the structure of survey agreed. For me, I would spend the next two weeks reviewing the literature and fine tuning the questionnaire.
Here are my thoughts ONLY!
1. Review questionnaire - mid - end March

2. Finalise questionnaire - early April
Once we have finalised our questionnaire, we could decide on how we would conduct it. As discussed, Survey Monkey could be the easiest way. Posting on the CCK08 Forum and our Ning Community MAY also be the easiest way. Posting by email may take some more time, as we need to check out the emails of CCK08 participants (around 50 - 80).

3. Launch survey- mid April

4. Conduct interview end of April - mid May

5. Analyse findings early June - early July

6. Write up paper mid July - late August
Would we be able to have the paper and presentation ready by late August?

7. Review of paper - early September

8. Post on Community for review - mid-late September

Jenny, Matthias and Roy, would you mind advising if this timeline is realistic - as compared with Jenny's original suggested actions. Jenny, I wouldn't mind to go with yours, as I would like to follow your lead.
So, please feel free to change the timelines and comment. Also, as we have agreed, these timelines could be treated with flexibility as each of us may have our commitment and we should be free to change it to suit our needs.

Do we think this "loose approach" is OK with us? I suppose this is a world class adaptive Project Management approach.
Do you think we could complete this project by Oct 09?

x28de said

at 11:02 pm on Mar 14, 2009

I have updated Jenny's To Do List with John's new items.

Jenny Mackness said

at 1:34 am on Mar 23, 2009

I have just completed finding the email addresses for nos 23-53 in Matthias spreadsheet 'droppers' and have uploaded the edited file into Research Tools. Next week I will fill in numbers 1-23.

x28de said

at 10:23 am on Mar 23, 2009

I tried 54 through 83. Many hid their addresses. Perhaps we can reach them via comment on their about page, as Antonio Fini did it with Wayne XY at webstuff2: http://cck08.wordpress.com/about/

suifaijohnmak said

at 3:25 pm on Mar 23, 2009

Jenny and Matthias, Fantastic work. Matthias, good idea - just reach them via comment then

suifaijohnmak said

at 10:38 pm on Mar 23, 2009

Jenny, you have recently asked why the number of articles on blogging or e-learning has decreased in the past few years (there were lots of blogging research in 2004-5, but relatively less during last 2 years). My speculation is that "Folksonomy" based on blogging has gained prominence and has become a popular culture in the peripherals of academia. The blogosphere is filled with blog posts which sounded to be ALL RIGHT! Are we all the legitimate peripheral participants (BLOGGERS, WIKIERS, FB...Community Practitioners, EDUCATORS, PROLIFIC WRITERS) of academia, the "in-laws" of scholars, but yet to be recognised (or qualified to be academic scholars)?. LOL
I will still go with the literature research....this week....John

Jenny Mackness said

at 1:22 am on Mar 24, 2009

I have finished looking for emails of the 'droppers' - so that spreadsheet is now complete and uploaded into files. I'll make a start on the CCK08 bloggers spreadsheet now and take the first 100. I do be able to have this done by the end of the week if I do a few each day. I'll come back to all other comments and edits - later in the week. Jenny

Jenny Mackness said

at 2:03 am on Mar 24, 2009

Ok - finding the emails is not taking as long as I thought. We now have 127 email addresses (I haven't uploaded the last lot yet). I'll finish these off and find emails for nos 127-191. A fairly mindless job which suits my mood at the moment! Do we have a list of people who moodled, but didn't blog? Jenny

Jenny Mackness said

at 4:29 am on Mar 24, 2009

All done and dusted! I have uploaded an edited version of Matthias' 'bloggers' spreadsheet, with all the emails I could find. We have just under 170. It's occurred to me that it would be very good timing to get this questionnaire out next week, just before the Easter break - People might have a bit more time then. Otherwise I think we would have to wait until after the Easter break. Could we have it ready for next week? How much more is there to do?

x28de said

at 7:48 am on Mar 24, 2009

I responded on the "To do list" page.

suifaijohnmak said

at 7:43 pm on Mar 24, 2009

Jenny, Matthias and Roy, you made me proud of our research project. And I must work harder.... in the research.

Jenny Mackness said

at 4:35 am on Mar 25, 2009

John you work quite hard enough! Breaks/leisure time/rest etc.are all more than legitimate. They are a necessity. You don't need to work any harder than you are doing a the moment!

suifaijohnmak said

at 12:54 am on Mar 26, 2009

Jenny, you are right. Yes, how about working smarter, all of us?
I have already sent out the email to Antonio requesting for survey tools and results (repeating here for your information). This research is really taking us along a time tunnel to the future - it seems. And when you mention about eyes open, would you like to elaborate a bit?
I always see things a bit differently, so I hope you could point out anything that I could have done better. That's me.
Many thanks Jenny, and I hope you take care of yourself too. This research is just like an extra "movie" that we are enjoying - metaphor again! Oh :-) Let me see, we have the 3 Ms and 1 R. Did you see my Love Story? That's for us to relax!

dustcube said

at 12:45 am on Apr 10, 2009

Hi, my university email is not accessible at the moment. If there is anything you need me to comment on, please continue to send it to roy.williams@port.ac.uk, but also copy it to my home email: roy.w.w@btconnect.com

I'll let you know here when and if the situation changes back to 'normal'


dustcube said

at 4:29 am on Apr 10, 2009

Hi, email is back to normal: roy.williams@port.ac.uk

You don't have permission to comment on this page.