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To do list 2

Page history last edited by suifaijohnmak 14 years, 10 months ago

Trying to pull together where we are up to from the first To Do list - also to see whether we are actually making any progress or just going round in circles :-). Please add and amend as you think necessary.


1.1/1.2 QUESTIONNAIRE (1.1-1.5 are not consecutive, right?) (April 09)


  • Work on questionnaire is ongoing - ALL
  • Merge parts of Parts 1-3 (are you sure you mean these old parts about usage, or other parts not yet merged into Draft 3?) with Part 4 - ROY

(JM280309 - I got the impression from Roy, that he felt we would need some of the questions from Parts 1-3. I don't know what he intended. I think we will need to collect some limited dempgraphics)

  • Produce new draft having done some pruning (in light of recent discussions about hypotheses) - ROY
  • Check initial opening statement against legal and ethical requirements - ALL
  • Check and edit drafts of questionnaire - ALL


1.4 SAMPLE (April 09)


  • Collate blogger emails - DONE
  • Collate Moodler emails - TO DO (by who?) Decide how many, then I could do it. Do you like my suggestion of taking the same number of moodlers as bloggers (see my Fake)? Including the overlap? Or moodle-only, but how then justify that there are so few blog-only ?) (JM 280309 I was thinking that we would have both moodle-only and those who did both. Taking the same number of moodlers seems appropriate to me. The sample would need to be selected using the same method as for selecting the blog names. Is that possible?)
  • Contact Antonio Fini - DONE (I sent him another message via the Facebook friends mail)
    • He answered and had 83 responses which is IMHO very encouraging. Even though we are several months later and in the meantime the interest may have dwindled and there has been a considerable shifting (tilting?) on the synchronous - asynchronous spectrum (blog - forum - microblog - IM), I think we can thus still hope for 30 responses.  
  • Clarify and make explicit nature of sample and how it was determined (do we need to open a new page for this?)




  • On going discussion in Hypotheses folder - ALL
  • Use information from discussion to inform questionnaire design - ROY
  • Clarify, make explicit and finalise our hypotheses (MATTHIAS? ALL?) Yes, I would help with this, it but depends on agreeing early which hypotheses to drop. This means that we would no longer need to find optimally phrased statements (put words in mouth) matching these dropped hypotheses, but open, explorative questions for teasing out unforeseen insights, or postpone these topics t the interview. (JM 280309 - see my question in the comment box)


2. Finalise Questionnaire (April 09)

  • When?
  • Put questionnaire into survey monkey - who? (I have an account and could do this if you wish) If you feel comfortable with its technics, fine, if not, I could try, but I would have to familiarize myself with this new to me tool. I agree with Matthias, I could do it too! May I suggest to leave it to one or at most 2 of us to do it to avoid duplication?  (JM 280309 It's pretty straightforward in Survey Monkey - but if I did it - which I'm happy to, its not a long job - then all 3 of you would need to try it out to check that I hadn't made any errors - OK?


3. Launch Survey (April)

  • Email to bloggers and moodlers - who? One whose From: address name is sufficiently well-known. Mine is not known among moodlers, and on blogs I am only x28. I could do it too! May I suggest to two of us to work on?  Volunteers?    (JM 280309 we would need to make sure that CCK08 or similar was prominent in the subject box
  • [John 7-04-09] Jenny & Roy - there are 189 bloggers (from CCK08 Bloggers JM edit 230309) and 83 on the lists of droppers (?moodlers).  Would we be emailing to all bloggers  as shown: 44 active bloggers (discounting 4 of us) = 40, and 82  partially active, This makes up 122 total of active plus partially active.  Will you be sending email to all bloggers - 122?  Jenny, please let me know if you need my help. 
  • For the rests of those under classification 3 (not readily started) & 4 active, i.e. 189 - 126 = 63, I think we could (1) either include them in the email, or (2) exclude them in the email list.  Please note that there are 22 out of 189 whose email addresses couldn't be found.  We could consider leaving a comment on their blog we wish to do it.  Or I will just leave an overall notice on Ning asking people to contact us (Jenny and I or just me).  You and I will check on the email and confirm that they are in the course before sending out the link to survey monkey
  • Would we be emailing to all droppers (is it all moodlers)?  82 droppers with details of email on [MM edit 230309.xls] (23 - 83) and [JM edit 230309 (1-22)] (I could do 2 - 53 i.e. Anne Davis - Pual Left) and Roy may I suggest you to do 54 - 83 Pierfranco Ravotto to WL Wong?)
  • My view is everyone be invited to complete the survey monkey, as the larger the sample size, the more reflective will be the results.  I may be taking a different stance from you or Matthias, and please tell me if it is not the best way to do this.
  • If possible, could we have a short chat somewhere, even on skype by typing to confirm on this? Or we could decide here.  I think we must confirm the final steps on the email of surveys before sending out.
  • Jenny: please advise if could have a control of the no. of emails sent - please update on the spreadsheet after you have sent to the participant with a sign (is it a read only document).  Otherwise, just record it first and report back on the number of emails each of us have sent by next week.  Is it OK? 
  • Post on Ning sites - JOHN Can we post the survey monkey address to google-harvested public sites? Or would this invalidate our constituency / base "population" ? Posting on Ning sites is easy.  Need to be clear here if we are to post it onto public sites, as we are asking for responses from CCK08 participants ONLY.  How could we ensure that the returns are from CCK08 participants? Do we need any validation checks (built-in with survey monkey - I suppose) but if a candidate is using different email or other sources then this will complicate the matter?  How could we check if there are duplicated returns (for whatever reasons!)?  We may need a reminder to response soon (say after two weeks of the posting too)!  (JM 280309 - I think we should ask people to give us their names on the survey plus contact details and ask a question about whether they would be willing to be contacted to answer further questions)
  • Prepare reminder email - Volunteer?  Or John?
  • Post reminder on Ning sites - John (May 09)


4. Interviews (this would need to be done in May - before people disperse for the summer break - do we need to open a new page to discuss interviews?)

  • Are we still doing this? Yes - but this depends on the initial responses.  And for further follow up questions/elaboration only.  Keep it simple?
  • Decide on sample - ALL Yes - based on initial responses, hopefully to have at least 20? Who conduct the interview? Could be divided amongst us.  Even email interview could do!  Or skype/facebook/Ning chat are alternatives!  But facebook may only be closed "if it is done by sending messages, and this required people to have accounts on FB, Ning chat may be too open to public? (JM 280309 I have experience of Skype interviews. The way I have done them before is to have two interviewers - one to take notes and only ask questions occasionally - asking for clarification or putting in a further question if there seems to be a gap - but the other is the main interviewer. This seemed to work well).


5. Analyse findings (June/July) - ALL

  • Post findings to Ning site - JOHN
  • Open wiki - JOHN To whom? Also to Google? Or copy the interesting parts to the other, open wiki? And when would we pubslish the hypotheses, I thought this would right after the survey is closed? I will open wiki once we agree on this.  But do we open it to be public (everyone could see) or only invited members (for writing/editing or reading only).  Remember we still have to work amongst us 4 on the analysis/review and writing of paper, if too many people are on board, how are we going to ensure the writing/editing are manageable?  May I suggest to give more thoughts on it?  Copying parts of it to another wiki might be a better alternative, that would allow us to continue our further analysis and writing of paper.  We have to decide which parts are to be copied then.  (JM 280309 I'm not sure what the wiki settings are - is it possible to open a folder for 'external' comment and make only this folder editable by the wider community - keeping all our pages as read only for them?)


6. Write paper (August 09) - How will we organise this? We might have to devide this up.

Matthias has already started the fake findings - so would he like to do the actual one?

We need to draft an outline on the Report page before we could divide the task. 

  • (MM 28.3.09) I don't think I am the best person to do the final phrasing and verbal interpretation of results. But I can and will industriously help with the revisions and proff-reading to verify that also the non-Englsih readers will understand it.  (JM 280309 Is Roy the most experienced person in publishing papers He has just published on http://bejlt.brookes.ac.uk/)


7. Review paper with community (September 09) - ALL


8. Submit paper to journal (October) What about an earlier abstract?  Good, I could help.  We may also need to prepare relevant powerpoints, CMAPS/BRAINS for slideshare/video (Youtubes?).  We could start planning it now - need to start a new folder and pages, progress as we like.  However, we should focus on the survey and paper first.  (JM 280309 It would be good to identify a possible journal, because then we could see what the journal requires)


Ongoing throughout the project - LITERATURE REVIEW - ALL(September 09 - with major ones completed)


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